Friday, November 13, 2015

Post Pregnancy Body

Lets talk about it,
I gave birth well over a year now to my third baby, my body did not snap back to how others on social media has and I am very okay with that because this is my body and that is theirs.
Yes I exercised heaps during my pregnancy but I also was very tired and sore so I took it slow + I ate food, good food.

So here are a few things I noticed about the post pregnancy body
- After giving birth my belly did not go down straight away and its totally normal if you still look a little pregnant for a few months after.
- Stretch marks they happen I was lucky enough to only get them with Bella and even with the other two pregnancy all they did was re-stretch but I also used the wellbeing body oil religiously.
- After you give birth your stretch marks will be a dark red colour but its normal so don't freak it will take a while for them to become silvery and then a lighter shade of your skin tone.
- You will also get them on your breast as they will grow pretty fast over night.
- Hair lose it happens and then it grows back.
- Your hips will grow a few cms, for me thank god because I have never been a hippy lady.
- The first time you go to the toilet for a number 2 after the birth of your baby yes it will feel like you're giving birth again and yes it will probably make you cry.
- If you a breastfeeding you will be hungry, like crazy I need everything in my fridge to be in my belly hungry.
- Your breasts will leak at inconvenient times so always wear a nursing bra with breastpads inside.

and one thing I live by is Be proud your body carried a baby, so don't over stress if the extra weight hasn't or doesn't fall off, because you are not your weight you are a beautiful mama.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to cut calories without dieting.

I am very anti diets, I am very anti eliminating certain food groups out too.
I also do not believe in depriving ourselves from things we enjoy eating only because they are seen as bad.
I also feel that we need to teach our children that eating a variety of foods is normal unless they have allergies or intolerance.

A simple guide;
1. Drink Water loads of water.
2. Only drink water, forget soft drinks and juice.
(Still need your coffee or tea you can still drink it just don't add sugar)
3. When eating out, order what you want but cut it in half and place it into a to go container for later or for someone else to eat.
4. Watch your snacking.  Are they good options?? Are they healthy?? Will they keep you full and satisfied until your next meal??
5. Don't eat 2 hours before bed.
6. Eat slowly, enjoy what you are eating. Mindfully appreciate what you have cooked or someone else has for you.
7. Make your food a little spicy. (For me it tends to make me fuller but I also eat less because its spicy)

So those are my tips, hope they work for you too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


' a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015 '
The girls and their hair 
Dani playing peek-a-boo
Joining in with Jodi from Practising Simplicity

Saturday, November 07, 2015


I can not believe its already Saturday evening, I have spent most of the day tidying up and baking cakes all ready for tomorrows little party for Dani. Hopefully the weather stays put and doesn't change drastically.

weekend marvels.
watch : How to make the perfect Butter Cream Frosting
stalk : Mrs Millah for the new summer collection
mail box : Peace Tops
get inspired + excited : One Fine Baby Fair

Bits from the week;
- Blueberry bush
- Dani and her belly
- Beautiful blue sky
- Picked blueberries of the bush
- Freshly baked cupcakes and cake 


Wednesday, November 04, 2015


She slept all night waking only this morning as I got up.
We cooked her pancakes for breakfast which she did not want, she wanted her sisters soggy wheatbix so that is what she got, so tiny yet so determined.

Its hard to believe that she is already ONE.
She is trying to stand on her own but usually just fall into her bottom, she says "mama", "dad" and pretty sure "Bella" and "Gabi"

She still love the boob + being close by and get upset if she see Gabi on my lap. 

She has started showing interest in blocks, little teddy bears and her sisters wooden farm set which she just steal an animal and crawl away.

She love to snuggle and also to bite which I'm not sure if it's because your teething, a stage or just to see our reaction which usually is a scream.

She is too cheeky with her four toothy peg smiles.

Its hard to imagine that a year ago she entered this world.
We love you Dani, oh so much.