Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On Friday the 27th I got up like normal to get ready for school, he had left for work before I woke up because he was running late. The night before I felt strange, tired, sore & had light cramping. I had a quick shower & then later walked slowly to school, the pain kept coming & going, So in my free I googled what I was feeling, but that only freaked me out even more.
Goggle told me I was in early stages of labour, I didn't tell anyone, I continued like normal & then walked to the bus to go to my parents house, I called my dad to pick me up from the bus stop because I couldn't walk any more, as soon as he saw me he knew something was up. He told me to call my midwife, explain what was happening, she told me to go into the hospital just to check me out. I waited at their house for Chris to arrive & my mum to come home, Chris drove home to get my hospital bag, change of clothes for him & we met him at RHW.

We arrived, checked in & the lady walked us down to the delivery ward they monitored me for awhile but the contractions started to die down, I was only 1cm dilated so they drugged me up, moved me to pre baby ward & told everyone to leave & come back in the morning. 
The painkillers & sleeping pills died at around 430am yet the pain kept coming & coming more intense each time.

Chris & my parents arrived at 7am the pain became really bad but I was hungry too so I was given more pain relief & some breakfast which I soon vomited back up, At 1030am they moved me down to the delivery wards & checked how far along I was, I was already 7cm dilated. So I asked for Gas as I couldn't handle the pain any more & became scared. I don't remember much after that I felt very not in control, lost & out of it, I remember vague details like going to the toilet & Chris holding me up as I would fall down, I also told him I hated him very much. 

5hrs or so later she was born at 4:07pm the 28th of July, She didn't cry at first but then I heard her from a far the midwife & doctor had to wrap her up. 
So I didn't get to see anything,  We got to hold her for a little bit & then she was taken away so she could get operated. 
(My first HOLD)
We where left alone in the delivery suite until the operation was over, I had a shower & had some food,
at 630pm they came back to tell us it had been a success & we Chris & me where able to go see her again.
Seeing her the way she was broke my heart, all those wires connected to her little body.

(After op)
I cried so much that night, He held my hand & told me everything would be okay.
She lasted 3 days in ICU & then got transferred into a normal ward, where I was able to be with her until she came home with us 2 weeks later.
To this day we have never returned to the hospital for a tummy related problem, which is fantastic,
she reached every milestone a little bit behind but never too much.

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