Sunday, February 28, 2010


BELLAToday you are 31months.
You are learning new things every day,
You have learnt to use more sentences & have become very fond of the word 'why?'You have started to tell me "I LOVE YOU MUMMY"which really really just melts my heart.
You like to listen to music,
create your own little dance moves
& sing along sometimes.
Dressing up is your favorite thing too do,
wearing your purple fairy costume with your glitter ballarina shoes is just fantastic.
You love your pink carebear so much we have to take it where ever you go, we have only washed it Once & you watched it dry on the hilshost with a sad face.
You have started to become very cheeky,
wanting everything to go your way,
if it doesn't happen you chuck a very big tantrum
with kicks on the floor cry at the top of your lungs.
No matter how many tantrun you chuck.
I love youmore each dayI breath.

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