Sunday, March 28, 2010


BELLAWow baby girl you are 32months today.
Little missy you are on your way into becoming a big girl now.
You have learnt so many new things in this past month you never stop to amaze me.
Like putting you shoes on, taking your clothes off, giving your dolly a name "Santo", giving daddy kiss' while he is sleeping, doing puzzles on your own.
I love the way you help me
wash the dishes, cook dinner, set the table, hang the washing, make the bed
& attempt to dry me after I shower.
The way you pretend to be sleeping when your daddy comes home just so you can scare him,
the way when I lay on your bed you pat me so I can go to sleep,
the way I have to hold your hand while your on the toilet because your scared you'll fall in,
the way when ever you find me on the computer
I have to put the web cam so we can take photos pulling silly faces.
You have developed into a beautiful, charming little girl to be around.
That I am proud to call you my own.
You are my sunshine.
& I love you,  Mummy.

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