Tuesday, August 02, 2011



Seeing as you are now 4 today we got your check up,
you are 1metre tall & 15kilos which is great for you. 
We are also very sorry for today.
I know I told you that it would be only 1 injection but then it actually turned into 2, we couldn't back down, so happy that daddy was their to hold you tight while the dr injected both your little arms, you screamed with the first shot & then cried even louder the second time, when we all walked out you still had tears down your face, the stickers that the nurse gave you or the ice block we brought you didn't make you feel better, 
when your daddy decided to pick you up by your arms you told him
"daddy my arms hurt, they are not a toy to play with"
which was followed by giggles from us & you.

Hopefully tomorrow you wake up ok to go to pre school & to have fun with your friends.
Love you , xoxo
Mummy & Daddy.

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