Monday, February 06, 2012


Wow, you are now quite big, 
weighing in at a little more than a kilo & I'm starting to feel it.
Your kicks have gotten much stronger, so they have started to hurt a little too, 
Braxton contractions have made an appearance too.

Your grandma & aunty have started to plan your baby shower 
with a little help from me of course.
Everything is almost ready just need to print of the information & we are done.

We are going to the hospital this week, hopefully we get to hear your heart beat.
Also this is my second last week at work, 
I know I am going to miss it but my body really needs the rest.

Currently Craving; A Body Rub
Sipping On; Lipton Ice Teas
Thinking Dreaming About; A Bugaboo 
Buying; Bio Oil
Reading; Exercising for Two.

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