Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Shower Planning

My baby shower will be in 4 weeks, 
we have chosen the theme, the location, the food, 
the decorations & have sent out the invitations.

Thanks to pinterest, google & other websites,
we have gotten ideas but also they have made me feel a little bit uneasy,
they look so amazing, with so much food, colour, decorations
& some are way over the top.

Hopefully the baby shower turns out how have I imagine it to be.

Did you have a Baby Shower?? 
Who planned it for you??
What did you ask for??


  1. All the best for the baby shower. A lovely idea to celebrate your baby.

    I never did get around to having a baby shower but it's a nice chance to catch up with friends and share stories and receive baby gifts.

  2. My little sister organized mine, and it was such a great day of friends and food and gifts and baby talk! :) Best of luck with yours! xxx

  3. @Yummy Mummy Thank you, I have actually stopped stressing now & will go with the flow.