Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No matter how much I laze around our home, no matter how much I sleep,
I am still always tired, I have increased my yoga days just so I can feel more relaxed 
& because it usually helps me sleep but nothing.

In 2 months I hit my due date,  but I know deep down my body might not make it that far, 
I did only make it to 35wks with Isabella, so with every braxton contraction I panic & oh boy did they hurt last night, no matter what position I placed myself in bed I kept feeling a massive tight feeling in my pelvis area, I moaned, held my breathe & then she (baby) would start to kick/move around like crazy again 
after much moving & moaning he got me my gel heat pack so I could place it in my sore areas, 
as he rubbed my belly. With that I finally fell asleep at around 1am or even more, 3 hrs after I had gone to bed, only to be woken up this morning at 6.45am, because you got to go to pre-school.

So here is to hopefully sleeping more tonight.

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  1. Ooh girl, I do not miss trying to sleep while further along in my pregnancy. My hips used to hurt so bad I would cry! Hope that you get a good nights rest tonight. :)