Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Cotton On Kids Woolly vest & Jeans, Zara Shoes.
It rained all last night & all today, but yet it is still pretty sticky & humid.
At least its better than yesterday when we reached 31 degrees hottest day in this SUMMER,
Plus I shouldn't really complain I love the smell of wet pavement & the sweet breeze that comes through our unit.
So here's to Autumn & its wonderful unpredictable weather.

During our Wednesday we;

-Ran to catch the bus to the Hospital.
-Heard the babies heartbeat, got measured 33cm (fundal height) & weighted (0.40grams gained)
-Caught the long bus home.
-Bought Cheap Crayons to do this more on that later.
-Made Cheese & Ham toasties, a warm mocha & hot chocolate.
-Washed some clothes.
-Cooked Dinner Roasted Chicken Thighs with Gnocchi.
-Practiced Yoga.
-Baked a Banana Bread/Cake.
-Watched Beauty & the Beast.
-Attempted to get Pre School to bed early. FAILED.

What did you do?

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