Monday, March 12, 2012


You now weigh 2kilos, 44 cm from head to toe,
The space for you in my uterus has become much smaller due to your size.
You positioned yourself ready to be born, your skull is still quite bendy compared to the rest of your bodies bones as they are hardening up, your skin is becoming less red & wrinkled as fat has started to build up underneath,

Last week I went to the refresher birth class expecting to be the only person with a child that was older, no your age gap with Isabella is actually quite small compared to the other women,
the midwife talked about how this time labour will be shorter for me as it has been less than 6years, as 6years+ is like giving birth for the first time again. 

Today I am off for the last class & on Wednesday we get to hear your heart beat again, your daddy is coming with us before he head for work as the appointment is pretty early.

Currently Craving; SLEEP
Sipping On; Water or Green Tea. 
Thinking Dreaming About; Is my belly button going to pop
Buying Getting: a pedicure.
Reading; Shop Til You Drop.

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