Monday, March 26, 2012


So according to this website you weigh around 2.4kilos,
the hospital ultrasound lady says you weigh either that or more, 
my body is starting to feel it, a lot. 
I am happy to say I have no new stretch marks on my tummy 
they are all the same ones your big sister created, 
my belly button has not popped but 
I have gained almost 13kilos mostly in my thighs & legs, 
seeing as my boobs have stayed the same
I still fit into pre pregnancy clothes even with the large bump I have now,
which is nice but annoying because people still don't think I'm pregnant at first glance.

Currently Craving; Anything to ease heartburn.
Sipping On; Water
Thinking Dreaming About; Baby names, this top, trackies & jeggings
Buying GettingSophie the giraffe.
Reading; Studio Bambini magazine

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