Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fevers & Mocha

A big cup of mocha was needed this morning,
we had a late night monitoring a high fever on Isabella, she didn't seem to notice it much just was hot to touch & her asthma cough decided to flare up making sleeping impossible for her or us.
We decided that it would be okay if she slept with us, just in case things got worse.
A decision we regreat now, after being kicked, squished, poked, scratched & blankets stolen from
tonight as she is doing much better she will be sleeping in her own bed no exceptions or excuses.

On a disappointing note, the baby store did not have the bookcase colour I wanted, white children converse are really hard to come by & buying baskets to place on my head (as my mother said) are not a good idea.

We did buy some baby bodysuits to use for the first few days
& purple pom poms for Isabella to cheer us on while we do things around the house.

Did you have a good weekend??

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