Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flying a Kite, Post Ballet Play, Pear Choc Muffin, Isabella.
I can't believe the weekend is already over, his back at tafe for most of the week, while she attends pre school & I stay at home. 

(Being on maternity leave I thought it would be exciting, it was for the first week but then it totally wore off & cleaning my house, watching crap day time tv, have really started to take a toll on me its boring. 
I crave the enjoyment of being with my little family of 3 that soon will be 4,
I love to just stay at home & read or watch a movie all cuddled up in our king bed.)

Even though I had planned to do a couple of things this weekend, things didn't turn out as planned.
I spent most of my Saturday at my parents house reading, helping Isabella with her home work & helping my mum cook dinner.

Today I woke up pretty sore, I feel that the baby is pushing down way to much for my liking, making walking & getting out of bed harder than it's meant to be, yet I still whipped up some Pear Choc Muffins & some Bread, forced him to drive me to babies r us, had some not okay lunch & then went to watch Isabella fly a kite. 

I am happy to be home now, feeling much better in the tummy after some yummy green tea & gluten free pasta, I am ready to pop into bed & read my book. 
x V.

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