Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend (Lazy Time)

A nice lazy weekend is much needed here finishing my book, reading magazines, eating yummy healthy food, getting some pre-natal yoga in, packing my hospital bag, assisting in making a easter hat for preschool, going for walks by the beach & just generally hanging with my family is on the agenda. 

This whole week has been so busy, with hospital appointments, getting up before the sun rises & Isabella being sick (staying home from preschool, doesn't help that she made me sick the joy of having a sick child ), all that has made it a very long week.
It has made me want to stay in bed all day so I planned ahead last night got new movies, showered & bought some special food, lets hope Isabella enjoys the idea.

What do you have planned?

Bump Jumper; Comfy BF Jeans; Crazy MugMissoni Blanket (Dream);


  1. Love the outfit, and hope you have a restful weekend. And you're pregnant! Congratulations!


  2. @Kymmie Thank you, yep almost finished too.