Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am so relived today is almost over, it was such a crazy day, another hospital appointment lasted longer than I thought, it was harder this time as the Mr was unable to come along & I had Isabella with me. 
The man ended up calling his cousins to come pick Isabella up so she wouldn't get bored as I was admitted into antenatal day stay due to high blood pressure, turns out that's the only thing actually wrong with me, everything else comes out fine, before his cousins arrived Isabella & me even got to see the baby who is growing perfectly, head down & from there measurements weighs around 2.440 give or take 400grams. 
Already bigger than Isabella was at birth, really starting to re-think my birth plan now. 

During our Wednesday we;

- Saw the baby
- Spend 4 hours at the hospital
- Got bloods taken

- Got cuddles from Isabella
- Had macca's Ice cream (Isabella)
- Practices yoga

What did you do? 

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