Thursday, March 22, 2012


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It has hit me hard, I really want to get our little unit into look beautiful, perfect & welcoming,
as when the baby arrives I know we will be getting a lot more visitors than we do now.
I plan on buying new couch covers, as buying new couches is out, a nice new rug, some new photo frames & another little plastic plant for the living room,
put Isabella's toy kitchen, big paper lanterns & her little couch into her room, I've gotten some fresh ideas after seeing this.
Buy special hooks to hang the straightener, hairdryer & the toys we have in the bathroom,
a new quilt cover for us with new pillows then that is really it,
I just need to teach a certain two people to maintain the tidiness & cleanness of the home.
Hopefully it all gets done before the baby arrives.
So I can snap away & show you pictures.

x V

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