Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our normal 2 week baby check up didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked it to have gone,
First we were meant to be there at 8:10am but traffic was bumper to bumper, we arrived 15min late, lucky no one was waiting so it was our turn straight away.

The midwife does what she always does, check blood pressure higher than normal, check where baby is head semi engaged, check fundal height I start to feel a little dizzy I tell midwife, check babies heart beat baby has hiccups at the same time, pee in cup find protein in urine, midwife worries back to her office, check blood pressure again still high, midwife goes to talks to the dr.

Comes back I need to get bloods taken & I need to get monitored, just incase baby is in distress my head starts panicking, get taken to another area in hospital get bump strapped with 2 circle fetal movement scanners, one for the heart beat & one for movement, get a strong braxton contraction.
Almost fall asleep after that, turns out baby is fine but I must call the labour ward if my head starts to pound or I get dizzy, if not I am back in 1 week just to check if everything is still okay.

Apart from all that today was an okay day.

During our Wednesday we;

- heard the babies heart beat
- slept in the car drive home (Isabella)
- had gelativo with banana & frozen raspberries
- had a nap
- cooked a meatloaf
- practices yoga
- watched too much Simpsons.
- & found the perfect fashion outfits for after bump.

What did you do?


  1. Gosh that must have been scary. Glad everything was ok in the end though. x

  2. @Anna @ green tea n toast

    I'm very happy it was ok, don't want another premmie baby.