Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pregnancy 101

As this pregnancy for me is almost over here are a few things I have been wearing

Invest in good maternity bras, get them fitted but get around 3 or 4 & some nursing tanks.

Belly Band they are great for when your tummy isn't big enough but your pants don't button up anymore, 
to use as a boob tube when everything hurts your breasts & to cover your bump when your top is a little short.

I was & am very lucky that I still fit into most my pre-pregnancy clothes, 
I have lived in tights, harem pants, my boyfriend jeans but I did go out & get myself some maternity jeans from pumpkin patch which are super comfy & 2 coloured denim from ASOS because trying on denim in stores always makes a non pregnant me sad.

A plain black maxi dress & skirts made from stretch cotton can take you a long way, 
for the skirts I change up the tops & always accessories it with different bracelets, necklaces, scarfs & even lipstick.

I did need to get new tops as most become to short once I hit 25wks, I bought maternity singlets from big W, tees from ASOS & really have kept using my oversized tops I already had, which made me feel comfortable.

You really only need a couple of things but it really depends on what season you are at your biggest, 
because for me its Autumn I can continue to use the Summer tops with cardigans, long sleeve tops & the same pants, saving me money & my sanity a little bit. 


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