Friday, March 30, 2012

Pregnancy 101

These last few months have been super wonderful & I have enjoyed every single step of growing a little baby inside me, watching my body change the second time around was strange as it grew in different areas & then didn't in others.

These are the few things that have helped me;

To avoid getting stretchmarks on my tummy again I started using Tummy Butter by Palmer's as soon as I found out. (1) So far I have no new ones, just my old ones have re-stretched.

I have a thing for my home smelling beautiful when I found this candle (2) Coconut Lime I let it burn for hours/days & it made me so much more relaxed than I already was.

I had to stop doing TAM due to the fact the bump popped out a little to soon making some positions quite hard but I started doing a prenatal yoga dvd (3) which has helped me with my back pain & to learn to relax.

Things that used to make me feel comfortable no longer do the same & either do the foods I loved so much, I don't eat as much sweets or junk but my body actually craves healthy fresh food (4) which has made me more picky than I already was. We have to always have avocado, fresh bread & fruit in our fridge.

Having back pain or any pain isn't great, my mum bought me a thermal gel cold/hot pack the first time around, it is amazing few seconds in the microwave, its warm & ready to use the whole night or when its to hot I just place it in the fridge for an hr.

So those are the things that have made my pregnancy easier, what made yours easier?

x V

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