Sunday, March 04, 2012


Our Neighborhood.
Quite & Silence is what I really crave right now, but then it makes me go crazy over thinking.
We put the cot into our room & realised we need to get a few things, I really want to get the baby a new cot quilt set (option one or two), some more essential clothes & maybe a toy.

Its so scary that she will be here in around 8wks or less, the more I think about it the more I freak out a lot & start to worry, how is Isabella going to take it all, yes she's excited, over the moon for the baby to come but I feel that she doesn't quite understand that the baby is actually here to stay forever.

I worry that maybe I will totally suck at being a mother to two, especially as they have such a gap between ages, that Isabella will feel left out, that she will rebel & end up hating me. 
That I will not cope. 
He tells me every day that I will, that I we will be okay, some days I believe him & others I don't.

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