Thursday, April 12, 2012

1 Week

Gabriella you are now 1 week old,
Which is a little hard to believe, it feels like yesterday I gave birth to you.
We celebrated by giving you lots of cuddles & kisses, in the early hours of this morning.
You are feeding every 4 hours but maybe its a faze that you soon will throw out the window but it has helped me get things done around the house & to rest as much as I can, We have only ventured out into the world to drop off your big sister, you stayed in the car with Daddy while I did the running around, I want to wait until you hit your "due date" before we venture out again as I would like to go some where special as a family of 4, your Daddy thinKs the same.
So here's to many more weeks, months & years.

Happy 1 Week into this world.
edit; your umbilical cord fell off, now you have a belly button.


  1. Gabriella what a beautiful name - hope it is all going well in baby land for you Victoria.

  2. what a lovely name, i adore her little outfit, too cute!

  3. Congrats Victoria!!! Gabriella is a lovely name for such a gorgeous baby. Beautiful lush hair too ... my Sophie has almost next to no hair :)Hugs from us to you and Gabriella.

  4. Congrats. she looks gorgeous! Love the name you gave her xOx.

  5. @Cinda Hugs to you too, thank you. xx