Monday, April 16, 2012


The two days before my waters broke, I kept getting light period pain, mucus plug discharge & waking up at the same time 4am, on Wednesday the 4th of April I woke up because I felt a gush of something leave my body. It was 5:30am & as I made my way to the toilet I found Chris already inside, I tell him what I had felt but that I wasn't sure if my waters had broken as last time they broke them at the hospital, we went back to bed & are joined by Bella who woke up from hearing us talk loudly.

We sleep until its time for him to go to work, I reassure him I am fine & tell him "if it gets worse I'll call you ok!"
I make breakfast for Bella & me eating something biggish as I realise that its for real as with every movement I make a light contraction happens & I get I leak, I had a shower, bathed Bella, packed her bag with the things she'll need for a few days, change the bed sheets & call him to tell him its for real I also call my dad to tell him to come get Bella.

I call the labour ward they tell me to come in as I am not full term, have high blood pressure & strep B.
Chris gets home showers fast, changes into clean clothes & as he was brushing his teeth both our fathers arrived, his dad to drive us to the hospital, my heart beating fast, we kiss Bella goodbye & she waved.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:45 checked in, waited as they happened to be full, only wait a little & my contractions had eased, they monitored the baby who is fine & then hooked me up to the first set of antibiotics I have to have, they also tell us that I am going to be induced as I'm not aloud to go home & this way it safer for the both of us. At 2pm I get moved into a delivery suite eat for the last time & get hooked up to be induced, because I'm in pain already all I wanted to do is sleep but the midwife has other plans, she tells me to walk around as it will help much more to bring on labour & help me with the pain. 

At 9pm they check how far dilated I am to my sadness I am only at 3cm, but while she is checking a gush of water comes out, I get my next dose of antibiotics as I get up & start to walk around the room with the drip, a few hours past & the pain starts to get pretty bad, I sit & try to think of my happy place for each contraction but after awhile I start to cry to Chris that it sucks I am only at 3cm & I can't handle the pain anymore, I want to go home.
The midwife notices & I tell her I don't want drugs, I don't want anything I just want this back pain to go, she brings the yoga ball & a heat pack she tells Chris sit behind me while I lean on the bed & as every contraction gets stronger I tell him to push the heat pack into my back while I rock, the rocking eases the pain but only because it makes my brain confused on what it should be concentrating on, my body starts to shake & I tell Chris I need to push its only 11:30pm, he presses the buzzer & he helps me on the bed, I keep shaking as the pain is so strong, intense, I can't even describe it. 

The midwife tells me I am ready, she tells me to breathe & to push when my body tells me too, I listen to my body & I do my best while my legs are shaking, I hold on to the rail behind my head & Chris touches my thigh asking me if I want anything, I push again but her head doesn't come out, Chris asks the midwife "When do you think the baby will come today or tomorrow?" she tells him "Its up to your baby now!"
I push again & I feel her head with my hand, her head has hair, still I can't seem to push her out, I start to breath & listen more into my body I push one more time & I feel her come out but she goes back in I apologies for it taking so long, I push her & the pain leaves my body at the same time, its 12:04am on the 5th of April; Gabby gets placed on my chest, lets out a little scream, I did it & I feel something warm against my body Gabby has peed on me.
We did it I tell him, Chris looks at me we kiss, cuddle, the midwife tells him "she's made to have babies" as I did not tear, or take pain relief like the other ladies she is helping tonight/morning, Chris cuts the umbilical cord & I am told they will give me the injection to give birth to the placenta but as I am asking them why it poops out on its own. We ask her if its all good, she shows us the bag Gabby has been in as some is still intact Chris is in awe to everything.

My body is still shaking so they give us warm blankets, I can't believe she is finally here. 
We stay in the room for a little bit alone just us & our new baby. Chris calls our parents to tell them the news & tells mine the plan for tomorrow as Bella is going to meet her first. The midwife brings in the scales & weighs her she is 3kgs & 48cms, I look at Chris & tell him "I told you she was heavy".

I have a shower while Chris cuddles her, the midwife tells us we have a single room which means Chris can stay the night, as she's still considered premmie & they want to monitor my blood pressure just incase it goes to my toes but I am so happy I don't really mind, I just want Bella to be with us & meet her sister.
We place our baby into the plastic bassinet & the midwife takes us to the ward & hands us over to a new midwife. I check the time & its 3:30am, I can't help but smile.

We sleep for a little bit, but I have a rush in my body so I don't sleep that much at 9am Bella arrives to meet Gabby & my heart is complete. Two days later I ask to leave & we only just make it as she weighs 2.77kgs,but a midwife will be visiting me in the next few days to make sure we are ok.
I am so happy to be at home in my bed, my surrounding & I finally fully rest.

I am happy that I was able to some what control my birth experience & super proud I was able to do it all without pain relief. 


  1. WOW you are so inspirational! This is so amazing! What a beautiful birth story! Congrats beautiful mumma!

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you! You are amazing! What a wonderful, beautiful birth story xx

  3. This post made me cry. Congrats to you and your growing little family xo
    Amazing :)