Monday, April 23, 2012

Current Four

LOVING:  My NEW life as a MOTHER of TWOmy new leopard shoes, the glitter on my clothes from crafting with Bella a few days ago, yeah its still stuck & I'm finding more an more each day. Next time we plan on using glitter we are doing it outside on the balcony.
THINKING DREAMING ABOUT:  If I should cancel the third day Bella goes to pre-school, as she has come home upset saying no one wants to be her friend & has told me that she no longer wishes to go. I really am torn with what I should do, yes it would be wonderful to have her home more days & she can bond with the Gabby, but I also know she will get very bored. Plus she learns, even if I try I will never be a great teacher, I usually let her do her own thing, if she wants to paint, draw, dress up, I just go with her flow.
EATING DRINKING: Charcoal Chicken & chips, tomorrow roast pork, with veggies & greek salad. 
WORKING ON:  My plan on getting back my pre-baby body, today I started with this just to help me keep moving while I wait for the dr's okay, a new blog title image, with a new layout & printing of the baby announcements I just finished working on.

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  1. Reading about ur daughter Bella break my heart =( that is what happen to my daughter as well and we decide to take her out of preschool it was the best thing we did. Hope everything with her get better xOx.