Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Weekend

Our second weekend as parents of two will be spent at home bonding even more, eating lovely pre made meals, hopefully venturing out to a park to watch Bella burn energy & for me to see the outside world.

Today I am waiting on mail for 2 things I bought online; a new nappy tote bag in chocolate just because I need a new one but shhh & a post pregnancy belly wrap which is to help my uterus contract until I am able to go back to TAM or Postnatal Yoga depending on how I feel, plus as my man studying to be personal trainer his going to kick my butt into gear if I get lazy.

This past week I have learnt a few things; 
1. That Bella will have a melt down over nothing.
2. I must breathe & take one step at a time.
3. I should really sleep when Gabby is sleeping.
4. That going for a walk on day 4 was a very bad idea body is still sore.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned,

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