Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Weekend

TGIF, I was meant to go to the dr's today but I woke up a little late, the bigger child did not want to participate in getting dressed or eat her breakfast so by the time I saw the clock it was too late, 
So we just went for a walk around the block, to buy some chicken, bread & wool.
This weekend is going to be just a quite one at home, 
Bella is back at ballet & the man has a few things he needs to do.
Gabby & Me plan to sleep.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend & enjoy the beautiful cold days.

This past week I have learnt a few things;
1. Learnt Gabby's different cries.
2. Making Pom Poms with a four year old is hard, they want to do there own thing.
3. That I really should pay attention when cooking with Bella, as we just made enough rice for a village.
4. I must eat good food as it lasts longer inside me.
5. That if I start knitting now, with all my mistakes it might be ready by the end of winter.


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  1. hahahaha, I laughed at you making enough rice for a village! :) I do that every freakin' time i make rice!!! :) enjoy your weekend, sweetie! :) xx