Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Jumping in puddles is Bella's favourite thing,  so you should have seen her excitement when she realised it was raining & big puddles had formed outside. She spent a good 20min jumping in the puddle on our balcony, laughing, singing & then screaming because it started to rain, she was getting wet.

We have had less melt downs this week, a little more sleep & a lot less sore boobs, 
I have lost more kilos & Gabby has gained a 100grams or more.
I now have to little bodies against mine while I type away, one will sure enough wake up soon for a feed while the other will sleep until tomorrow morning & be all happy to be going to pre-school to have fun with her friends.

I am off to catch some sleep before I get my wake up call.

During our Wednesday we;

- We slept in.
- Cleaned the toilet (me)
- Went to Kmart
- Re read old magazines
- built a tent on my bed (Bella)



  1. Jumping in puddles is the best! Looks like she had loads of fun. Hope all is going well for you in the land of two babies x

  2. @Anna @ green tea n toast
    I know I miss having gumboots to splash around with, life has become quite prefect. x