Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lazy End

The weekend came & now it is gone, for the first time in ages I actually picked up my camera, took photos (above) hopefully its not the last time I pick it up, as we will be getting a new camera once the baby is here so we I can document how much the baby & Isabella grow.  So be warned more photos coming soon.

Yesterday we lazed around, watched a little too much Big Bang Theory, ate beautiful fresh spinach & ricotta cannelloni's, danced around in dress up costumes, cuddled, packed my hospital bag with everything I think I need & finally got a belly cast done, it was actually harder to stand still for a long period of time than to remove it after, it is currently drying in our bathroom away from small hands & he is going to smooth it all & then spray paint it gold.

Today we woke up early & went to catch the last session of Angelina Ballerina: The Shining Star Trophy, which was better than I had accepted, happy it only went for 1hr because I would have fallen asleep if it was longer, She enjoyed it very much, singing along & dancing.
Now I am waiting for dinner to be ready, while I watch the mountain of clean washing fold itself (I can dream). Hopefully the storm hits soon so I can actually sleep tonight without crying like a little girl at every thunder or lighting.

What did you do??

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