Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Post Baby; Hiding Tummy

After having a baby, having a flabby tum is normal.
For some of us women we end up with one for life while others are super duper lucky
 & it turns back into being flat as pavement. 

All these looks are tummy hiding friendly & breastfeeding friendly too just had a nursing singlet or singlet & bra combo underneath & presto + it also keeps you warm.

Look One; Oversized Stylish Chiffon Top, Jeans & Chucks.
Look Two; Oversized Tee, Jeans & Toms.
Look Three; White Nursing Singlet, Knitted Jumper, Jeans & Ballet Slippers.

Why do all combos have jeans? because they are the best pants a mother can own, 
comfy, keep you warm, doesn't matter if the knee rips (distressed is in), 
& a little dirty & no one can tell.

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