Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear; Bella

You took off your own chucks yesterday & my heart sank, when did you become this independent little girl?? I’ve watched you grow into this wonderful little girl to be around, who just loves to help in anyway that you can, yes sometimes you can’t & that frustrates you but you always keep yourself entertained which makes me smile.
I know these couple of months have been hard but I really thought you would react much differently than you have, yes you have the occasionally massive tantrum for little things yet usually it is over in a couple of minutes, plus you have so much love for your Gabby that it makes it up.

I really can’t believe that next week we (your daddy & me) are going to go check out the school we want you to attend, we are 60% sure we are sending you to the catholic school down the road, we just have to see if they are okay with us not being married yet & you getting baptised at another church. 


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  1. this made me tear up, i feel exactly the same! every time nahla does something new and gets more and more independent, it's like a bittersweet feeling. one way i am delighted that she is growing into this amazing little girl, but also i kinda want her to stay my little baby! the predicaments of motherhood! :) xxx