Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy One Month

Gabby how can you be One Month already!!??, I swear I just gave birth to you yesterday.
Time has flown by, everything we do now seems normal, like I have been doing it for ages, 
the amount of happiness I have inside is so big that some days all I do is stare at you & cry happy tears,
I waited so long for you to be placed into our lives that I want to be able to enjoy 
every breath you take & every move you make.

A Few things about Gabby
1. She has a lot of dark hair, people always stop & comment on it.
2. Very alert for a newborn. Eyes follow every sound she hears.
3. Already holding her neck up.
4. "Plays" with her bouncer toys.
5. She loves to be held by family, especially her daddy.
6. Enjoys kisses from her big sister.



  1. Gorgeous. She's perfect. And what a great photo. Soak up that newborn-ness before it disappears. x

  2. 1 month already?! That is nuts, it was seriously the quickest month in history! enjoy every minute, she is utter perfection! xx

  3. @Anna @ green tea n toast
    soaking it all up & so is everyone else. x

  4. @Yummy Mummy I know I want to cry, I feel that I will blink & she;ll be one & then blink again & she's off to kindy.

  5. oh my goodness. Look at all of her beautiful hair- she is total perfection!

    xo em