Friday, May 11, 2012


Its so nice its Friday, I finally have time to sit down, read others blogs & update mine
all the post you have been seeing this past week where scheduled in advance as I've kind of been losing track of time as mostly I live on a three to four hour feeding pattern & I still have to manage my whole house, cooking, cleaning & organising exciting things to do with Bella, so far today I have done everything I wrote on the to do list, except eat my own lunch which I am going to start having to write is as a do to.

This Sunday is Mothers Day I hope you have a wonderful day with your family,
Bella already gave me her gift from school because she couldn't wait but she did tell me she was going to buy me some flowers & take me to a restaurant with her money in her money box.

This past week I have learnt a few things;
1. That Gabby is okay with having a dream feed which helps her sleep until around 4am.
2. That I must go to sleep earlier.
3. That the routine we put Bella is totally working 8pm bed time = 8am wake ups. Happy on both ends.
4. I must allocate time for myself.



  1. Have a wonderful weekend Victoria! We are doing the dreamfeed with Noah too. It totally makes a difference only having to get up once a night. xx

  2. such a cute photo! it seems like you're doing a great job as a mother and Sunday will be a well deserved happy mothers day for you! :) Enjoy!


  3. Happy Mothers Day beautiful.
    I can't wait to be feeding our baby.
    Love the pic. xx