Friday, May 25, 2012


a Instgram dump of the photos I have posted up recently.
This week has been a little crazy around here, our camera broke, my iphone screen craked even more, the itouch screen shattered into tiny little pieces which caused a massive tantrum from Bella as its hers, but we are not going to get a new one just yet as she used to spend a lot of time on that little thing.

So this weekend we are off in search of a new camera, we are currently looking at this camera hopefully we can get a good deal, as we kind of need to get a few other things.

This past week I have learnt a few things;
1. Gabby is no longer a size 0000 she has moved to 000, time for more bodysuit onesies to keep her warm.
2. Bella has so much clothes, that even though I cleaned her draws, it is still hard to open them.
3. Eating no chocolate or drink no mochas is slightly killing me but Gabby has less wind.
4. That I need a anorak to keep warm & stylish. Now to find a water proof one.


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