Sunday, May 06, 2012

One Month;

For Baby; 
Flexi Bath We live in a pretty small apartment so this is great we open it to bather her & then when down it closes flat & goes next to the bath tub.
Bonds Clothing are amazing, easy to wash, soft to touch & fit babies like a glove. \Some times they can get a bit expensive but you really want things to last those million of washes before they stop fitting.
Gro Bag Swaddle I only recently bought it but boy has it made a difference in her sleeping & my sleeping plus it keeps her warm & helps with colic.
Cellular Cot Blanket used as a pram blanket, keeps her warm & doubles as a breastfeeding cover & helps people know she's a girl.

For Mum;
Nipple Shelds She ribbed my nipples so these saved me while my nipples healed. I doesn't take away the pain completely it just helps you breastfeed without the nipple ripping more.
Scarf Keeps me warm & makes me feel pretty when I feel a little worse for wear.
Soon Maternity Nappy Tote Bag I love it, it is like carrying a normal oversized bag but with mummy compartments, a change mat 2 zipper pockets, a large & two smaller pockets inside to hold your phone, wallet & other little things.
Sussan sleepers having warm feet while moving around in the middle of the night keeps you from getting sick.

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  1. I'm feeling so totally inspired by all this baby bliss, i think it is nearly time to start working on no.2! :)