Thursday, May 03, 2012


Yesterday was a long day, I wanted & needed to see the dr but didn't make it in time to see her,
I guess the little extra sleep in I got shouldn't have happened, my body really needed it but.
Carrying Gabby in the baby carrier everywhere without any real breaks while out makes my back hurt a lot,
I think I might have to buy a new carrier that supports my back more like this one or this one,
or I should just get over my fear of catching the bus with a pram & both girls, I will have to see. 

I bought Save Our Sleep hopefully if I like the idea I am able to get Gabby into a routine soon, so he can start to help & also understand what she wants instead of telling me she's hungry when ever she cries.

During our Wednesday we;
- Finally found another pair of booties that fit Gabby like a glove.
- Had a snuggle sesh with Bella.
- Exercised
- Ate way too much dinner.


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