Thursday, June 14, 2012

b i g

Finally we are taking steps to get Bella enrolled into a catholic primary school,
I really wanted her to go to a public school like I did but the area we currently live in the public school isn't the best & I don't feel like traveling to the one that's close to my parents every day with Gabby in tow.
So we picked the next best thing, its close (like really close up the road from our place) we have a interview with the principle in 2 weeks, to hand in the paper work (must go to birth & marriage certificate place kinda missed placed lost our birth certificate) & talk about stuff actually I am not to sure why, (should have asked the lady)  I am actually really excited right now, she's going to go to primary school, I know when it gets closer I will actually cry my eyes out & probably hug her until she pops.

What school did you choose for your children or which one are you planning on sending them??
Would love to hear your reasons. 


  1. We checked out so many schools with our eldest son. Public schools, catholic schools and private schools. We just went on which school gave us the best "feeling". Also the grounds, what the curriculum was like and how friendly the teachers & principal seemed at the Open Day. We ended up going with the Public School down the road which has been perfect and the best when you're running late in the mornings as there is no long drive in traffic. Now all the boys will go here and then move to the private Catholic boys school for high school xx

  2. @Simone - honeyandfizz The feeling for this school was so warm, the people where so nice. High school I haven't even thought about that yet.