Friday, June 22, 2012


Today is another Friday spent cleaning the house to make it look a little bit decent instead of the massive bomb it looks like most pre-school days, as we are in a massive rush to get out the door before 9am.

Tomorrow is my birthday we really don't have anything big planned just small things to do during the day, hopefully we can have breakfast at the coffee shop before Bella has ballet & then we are having dinner at my parent's place with some family & close friends, I'm even baking my own cake tonight either like this, this, or this because I can't eat chocolate, so this is the next best thing fingers crossed it works out the way I want it too & because I am a little bit controlling.


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful day that starts with a sleep in! xx

  2. @Jess @ Caffeine and Tutus Thankyou, hopefully I do & maybe breakfast in bed.

  3. Happy Birthday gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt! Love that ombre pink cake xx