Thursday, June 21, 2012

I die

I am totally that girl that buys on impluse, but it has slowly gone down a lot these past few years,  
now I tend to think long & hard for what I want & if I need it & what it goes with 
& by the time I decided to get it they no longer have it.
So right now I am going to ride the impluse shopper ride 
& buy this beautiful limelight blazer & these amazing heels

Are you an impluse shopper? or do you think hard about it??


  1. OMG, I LOVE both the shoes and the jacket! So fab! I think I am half and half impulse and planner. I am pretty good at waiting till the sales to get something expensive that I have been wanting, but if I walk into the likes of Zara or Topshop I tend to get it if I fall in love with it. Zara in particular, I'd be a millionaire if I lived somewhere that didn't have Zara! :) xxx

  2. Oh I am so an impulse shopper! My new trick to keep myself from buying ALL of the things is to make a mental note, and if I walk by the same store 2 weeks later and I still want said item, I buy it. A 2 week rule of sorts. ;)

    ^^ And I love Zara too! Haha


  3. Sometimes you have just gotta jump on a trend like neon straight away. If you wait too long, its over! I now buy things I like immediately after too many times missing out when items I've liked have sold out fast xx

  4. I saw an awesome pair of swedish hasbeens (heels) on sale a few days ago and almost bought them.. but then I reminded myself that I am a full time mum and I live in jeans, stripy tops and converse.. I wear heals less than twice a year!
    I restrained myself (that's rare!) and decided to spend the money on some nice thing for the baby instead.
    Still dreaming about them though!