Monday, July 16, 2012


After spending a beautiful afternoon strolling from Manly beach to Shelly beach, watching the sunset in the distance, as the sky turned pinky purple & the smell of the ocean got to me, I turned & looked at the Mr, "Wouldn't it be lovely to live here?" & his response was "One day, I'll make it true!". 
We then caught the ferry & the train, picking up take away thai to devour once we got home.
Bliss Sunday.


  1. Honey, that sounds like the PERFECT Sunday! And I see what you mean about living there, I so would too, it easily the most beautiful part of Sydney. I remember when I was there, I went for a walk from Bondi to Cogee, and stopped at this little café half-way between the two beaches for pancakes, it was utter bliss! xxx

  2. @Yummy Mummy We have travelled a lot these past weeks to the mountains & the beach each time I fall more & more in love with the ocean. If I lived there pancakes would be every day treat.

  3. You were right near me! It is so nice to live here, I don't think I could ever move xx