Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chinese Gardens

Wednesday we got up late, had quick showers, breakfast & made our way into the city.
The sun was shining & Bella took a big interest in the pond that was out side the Chinese Gardens (Darling Harbour) she was in awe of the big orange fish that kept coming to the surface to breathe, she had never been inside so I took her in, we walked/looked around, she smiled with excitement "its like a secret garden mummy" she said. She went ahead of us then running back to tell me everything she had found or seen, she really wanted to dress up in those dresses but next time when her daddy comes along. 

Then on the way home the worst thing nearly happened. As we boarded the train instead of her normal big jumps she did a tiny one, I screamed as I watched both feet start falling between the platform & the train, thank god for me still holding her hand & the lovely man that was waiting to board behind us caught her just in time, him telling me his heart had stopped & brought back memories as he had fallen as a child, I told him the same had happened to me. The best part from the drama that Bella didn't even realise what could have happened to her the man was just helping her which is what I'll leave it at.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is so scary. However, my favorite thing about this post is when Bella said, "It's like a secret garden, Mummy!" because when I was younger I loved the book Secret Garden and always wanted a special place like that for myself. What a special little girl you have.