Monday, July 30, 2012


She went to sleeping thinking that Saturday would be normal but she woke up to balloons hanging down from our living room ceiling , presents waiting to be opened on our dinning table & us singing 'happy birthday'.
She sat with excitement at each present we passed her for to open, telling us what the where, thanking us for them. She then had her morning ballet lesson & we later had a little party at hungry jacks for her & her little group of friends, where she had her junk food hit but burnt it off fairly quickly as she was running screaming with happiness after her friends, we then headed home for some yummy dinner with our family & close friends, who again presented her with endless gifts to open.

That night she crashed in our bed a few minutes after she had gotten in & woke up on Sunday morning showering us with kisses, thanking us for her two parties & presents.
bless her.