Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sweet Days

In 10 days she will FIVE it feels like yesterday I started this blog to send her messages, we both have come a long way, we both have grown up so much, she has become a big girl with very big dreams & me a woman who is finally happy with herself.

She changed my life completely for the best, I cherish the mornings she runs into my room to tell me she is awake or when I go into her hers to search for her under her blankets finding her greeny/hazel eyes looking back at me in a fit of giggles, the way she looks at her baby sister, talks to, tries to interact with her, the way people comment on how well behaved she is or how she eats all her veggies & only drinks water.

It amazes me that she enjoys playing alone, that she likes to create little stories with her toys & can spend hours on the floor entertained, that she's okay to be surrounded with adults but then is completely okay with sharing with other children she has only met a handful of times, that when out she becomes over protective & likes to take smaller children under her wing, that she worry when people are upset & kiss/hug them to make them better.

She makes me so happy, that I can not describe the feeling, I am proud to be her mother.


  1. Gorgeous. Birthdays are such a time to reflect on how wonderful your children are. Hope she has a great birthday. x

  2. This melted my heart, and I know so well how you feel. Motherhood is totally the best, most amazing, most exhausting, most thrilling, most rewarding, most crazy, most time-consuming, most precious and most AWESOME thing ever! We are so lucky!!! xxx

  3. I love everything about this post, the picture and your words are gorgeous. Monika.

  4. This post is perfect! Everything about it is just wonderful. I hope I have a child like her one day! I love the way you describe motherhood. So special. Thank you so much for sharing