Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today we said good bye to my mama as she is currently flying over the pacific ocean to Chile to visit her mother my abuelita who isn't doing that great. Saying goodbye was hard, even though she will be back in 2 weeks Bella doesn't understand the time factor so a lot of tears where shed last night when my mum told her she had to go, this morning on the way to the airport, as she was hugging my mum ever so tight at the departure gate which in return made my mama, sister & me cry. She then cried all the way home. Its going to be odd without her around.

Thank you for all your kind words you left me to read on Wednesdays post. They mean a lot to me.
Thank you again.

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  1. saying goodbye is always hard. I hate leaving my mom and sister more than I can say.

    On another note, did you design your header and Instagram button yourself? I'd like to have some of my own but have no idea where to begin.