Monday, August 13, 2012


He wants to build a big house, with a big yard & all the expensive things to go with it.
I don't want anything like that that.
I want a small house big enough for four but still extra room if we have another baby.
I want to be able to look out my window into the ocean, to smell the breeze of salt, to let the sunshine into all our rooms, for the girls to run around not worrying about how much noise they make, to have a beautiful kitchen for me to cook in, a fire place for us to keep our toes warm in winter, a deck for us to keep cool & entertain in summer while we watch the girls & their friends play in a cubby in a tree, for us to walk down the street & be greeted with friendly smiles, for the shop owners to know us by names, to be able to walk a few blocks to the sand, for our friends to spend their weekends at our place, to have those low key family functions & everyone fits, for us to enjoy being at home. Is it to much to ask for?

I want to move, my whole soul wants to move, I want better air to breath.
I want to enjoy my home.

What's your dream house? Have you moved away from all your family & friends?

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  1. You paint beautiful picture.

    For me, small is also better. Just big enough to fit us is perfect. Big houses = more cleaning!

    I also crave fresh air daily, but I'm happy with my decisions to live where we do ... for now. (:

    1. I know I hate having to clean everyday just so the place looks good.

  2. My dream home is the one I already live in. I've just drawn up the architectural plans for the addition and I've started designing the room for my baby (my nursery when I was a baby). I'm adding a small library, changing the current laundry room into a mudroom and moving the laundry room to the back of the house, and adding a larger bedroom for myself. I'm quite excited about it.

  3. My dream home sounds a lot like yours. Right now we can't even walk safely outside because our neighborhood isn't the best... Not to mention we're miles away from any water, coffee shop, even groceries. I'm hoping and wishing for a home to grow in too. :)

    1. We are lucky the the side we live on is safer than the others, but we do lack in organic stores & all those nice things, other suburbs have.

      One day I hope we both will have dream homes.

  4. HOney, your dream house sounds exactly like my dream house! And mind you, if Australia wasn't so far away, I would love my house to be there! :) For now, though, Dublin will have to do. Although I would like to move closer to the coast - there is something about a fresh sea-breeze... xxx