Thursday, August 23, 2012


Receiving cuddles from a sad little Gabby who was immunised yesterday afternoon.
Enjoying the warm weather that has appeared these past few days & has now gone & brought a massive storm our way + a cup of organic green tea.
Opening Natures Baby parcels with these inside.
Reading Frankie & The Complete Buddhism for Mothers in my spare time.
Cooking free range pork roast, with veggies to be served with cous cous & salad.
Exercising for summer with The Tracy Anderson Method & Yoga.
Listening to Birdy.
Watching Play School with the pre schooler.


  1. sounds like busy fun. how good is Frankie magazine? love it! :)sarah

    1. I forgot how good it was until last month I picked it up due to getting over the other magazines out. subscribing now.

  2. . . . and now I'm wishing I had renewed my Frankie Subscription!

    It's all about the yoga at my place too. and the playschool.

    rachel xo