Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy 4 Months

Today you are 4 months old, you love to pull my hair, coo at your sister & drool on your dad.
Most of the day I carry you around in the ergo as it helps with doing things much quicker or your play in your play gym or having tummy time which you have gotten very good at controlling your head to look around, you are still yet to roll over but in time I understand that will happen, your favourite thing to do is lay on our bed for me to hold your hands while you grab my fingers move yourself forwards so you can sit down but continue so then you are standing each time you coo & smile with excitement.
A few nights ago you started to laugh & now laugh while we play peek-a-boo which you sister finds very exciting. We haven't started you on solids yet as I have been reading this & plan to wait for you to start to reaching out for food & for us to buy a high chair.

Any recommendations on what high chair we should buy? 


  1. this is beautiful, what a lovely record! we've used a couple of different kinds of highchairs, but the best and most versatile for us is a travel one

    i love that baby sits up at the table with us, and it takes up no extra space. not great head support for the early days, i used something similar to ikea's plain plastic one then.

    we did our own version of BLW too,with our third, loved it!

  2. I just want to hold her...