Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three & Four Months Favourites

One; Purebaby Sleeping Bag similar found here it has gotten way to cold to just wrap her up.
Two; Body suits keep her little body warm & a little bit stylish here or here.
Three; Sophie the Giraffe keeps her entertained in the car & when out shopping.
Four; Eco Nappies & Wipes are really good as washing & me aren't the best of friends hopefully in spring I can start using cloth nappies. (any recommendations?)
Five; Knitted Cardigans handmade similar can be found here
Six; Knitted booties they keep her feet warm & cute.


  1. Oh, I love the way you dress her! So cute!!! And I had the same type sleeping bag for Nahla, they are so practical and kept her nice and snug! xxx

  2. Just bought a Purebaby sleeping bag for my oldest and he's two. They are fabulous. (As is Sophie and handknitted cardigans).