Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a Step Up.

My motivations are currently running high, massively high, I have been trying to eat better, cleaner, organic  but I am going to be honest some days are harder for me than others, I crave chocolate, a mocha or both.
I have days I rather stay in bed cuddling both my girls instead of getting up at earlier hours to workout in peace but then I remember what I would love to achieve, which is a healthier, fitter body.
So HERE I am to pledge to myself that I will achieve what I want,
I don't have a dream weight I want to be, I want to feel better, eat/cook better food, maybe look better & be more happy with myself.

I will exercise/move everyday. 
I will go for walks/jogs/runs with both girls no matter the weather. (unless is pouring)
I will cook healthier foods.
I will drink more water.
I will practice yoga more.
I will push myself.
I will reward myself with gifts not food.
I will not compare myself to others.
I will not sabotage myself like I usually do.

Currently I am doing The Lean Mumma System which I absolutely love,
I am now up to phase 2/week 3 which goes something like this.

Monday; Lean & Toned (weights) + walks with Gabby in ergo
Tuesday; Lean Machine (cardio)  + walks with Gabby in ergo
Wednesday; Progressive Pilates 
Thursday; Lean Machine (cardio) + walks with Gabby in ergo
Friday; Progressive Pilates
Saturday; Lean Machine (cardio) 
Sunday; Yoga  (Lean Mumma Rest Day) 

by doing something everyday I have noticed change within myself, my body & my mind.

So cheers to a better me & family.

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