Thursday, September 27, 2012


The silence in my home, both girls sleeping & the man is at the gym so I am having the last glass of green tea as I head for bed an hour later than planned.
Emails to confirm a space for me in crossfit for mums, 
blogs by women how have overcome challenges to be a better person. 
Pasta with grass feed mince meat, spinach, organic basil & garlic sauce was super yummy. 
The night before we had bbq free range chicken with stir fry veggies & spinach salad & Tomorrow night I still have no idea. 
Trying to be healthy & not eat any processed sugars is hard but so far its going great.
 this its so catchy, Bella has learnt a few moves & gets excited when she hears it on the radio or at our local frozen yoghurt place.

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  1. aaah, love that silence! i got a moment or two today, and it was bliss :)sarah