Saturday, October 06, 2012


Oh my have you changed in the last few weeks, you smile at everyone around us, recognise voices, you laugh more & get very excited when Bella comes home from school or when you hear her voice. 
This week has been a pretty special week for you we introduced solids, we went to the beach, you got to sit in a little pool Bella made for you, I took you to your first "gym" where you slept half the time, we took you swimming at the local pools, you rolled over for the first time & sat down for a tiny moment enough for me to capture it.  
You still drinking breast milk, occasionally co sleep with us & sleep from 11pm to 6am. 
You get super excited when you hear Bella's voice as you smile from ear to ear while moving too.
At the moment you love to play with wipes & some how always manage to find them even if I place them further away.
People still stop me to tell me you have amazing hair with such big eyes & as old ladies tell me you look like a doll you coo & smile at them leaving the smitten.
I am so grateful I am your mother.

outfit from Mothercare

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  1. So adorable, Happy 6 months! that hair is amazing!