Thursday, October 04, 2012


Today I woke up super sore yesterday morning I attended my first Crossfit Mum session which was amazing we jogged around the block with prams so our babies would doze off, did some warm up stretches, followed by strength training which was pull ups I wasn't able to do chin ups so I was given the rings, then it was time for *WOD we where given 20mins to complete 3 rounds.
The first 2 rounds I was okay, it wasn't hard or its was doable when the third came I pushed myself close to my limit, oh boy is it hard towards the end, & I came much better than I thought I would have, we stretched to warm down & the 40min was over, my heart pounding, my body a little sweaty & my head proud.

Even though today I am in pain I am going back for more next week.
So here's to getting stronger, fitter & maybe hotter me.

*Work Out of the Day.


  1. hey good for you! i almost feel inspired to do some excercise. almost ;)sarah

    1. lol almost, today my arms are killing me, typing hurts, changing babies nappy too.